The United Aerial Firefighters Association (UAFA) is the only association dedicated to aerial firefighting and is a unified voice advocating for safety and standardization on the local, state, and federal levels.

The United Aerial Firefighters Association (UAFA) was established in 2022 to foster safety and standardization in the aerial firefighting community through education, advocacy, and collaboration.

The UAFA brings together the most experienced industry experts to provide a strong and coordinated voice for the entire aerial firefighting community with the goal of informing policymakers and legislators about important issues concerning the increasingly critical nature of aerial wildland firefighting matters.


UAFA membership is open to companies who own or lease and operate aircraft, UAVs/Drones, or provide aerial delivered suppressants/retardants under contract with federal or state governmental entities for aerial firefighting services. Companies who support the aerial firefighting industry by providing products and services, nonprofits, and state and national agencies are also encouraged to join.

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